Category: Fun

April 9 2012

It’s no surprise Facebook has become quite an annoying experience to use, especially when you consider how slow the image lightbox is. You know, the little popup that happens when you click on an image. It has to load the[…]

December 15 2011

You’ve probably noticed a lot of fake and malicious posts on Facebook telling you “Click here to find out who has un-friended you on Facebook”, well truth is most of these are indeed fake and malicious websites trying to steal[…]

December 7 2011

 It’s so annoying trying to download files with websites that redirect you to every other site possible to just display more advertisements to you. Here’s a nifty little trick you can use with Google to find specific files very quickly[…]

December 6 2011

This is meant for a Windows System Here’s how you’re going to make hundreds of folders in a few seconds! Open up Notepad in Windows and type: @echo off :top md %random% goto top Save the file as “Prank.bat” but[…]

November 12 2011

You may have noticed a few tweets around here and there or even on chatrooms and Skype with people typing out  “#NP SongName Artist” to quickly share what they are listening to, you even may be one of these people[…]

August 11 2011

Have you ever wanted to just sit back and choose what you wanted to watch easily? Well now you can! Everyone should know about NetFlix and Hulu, however we all know it’s a US service only (meaning it’s restricted to[…]

July 18 2011

How to post from almost anything: Use this link template to write on a friends wall, replace the “123456789” for target_id with your friends id number, and replace the “123456789” for api_key with a number from the list below.[…]

May 30 2011

Use this simple tutorial along with our favorite search engine Google to find unprotected security camera’s around the world. You can view and even control them! Make them move around, zoom into things and even take pictures on some! For[…]