Category: Security

February 8 2012

Introduction Welcome, over the next few weeks I will be guiding you through some basic and advanced client-side Internet security (Things you can do to protect yourself). The Internet is a wonderful place and a great invention. It has drastically[…]

March 21 2011

Before I start, all credit goes to Jethrocarr for creating this awesome 30 days of Geek Challenge. Sometimes it can be a little hard trying to figure out what to update your blog with next, but luckily now we have[…]

February 28 2011

Recently I have noticed an increase in this virus on Facebook, seems everyone is falling for it so I thought I would write up a blog post explaining the danger and what to look out for. Thousand of people are[…]

December 13 2010

Everyday that goes by, the bad hackers are always trying to find ways to break into systems, corrupt computers, steal your data, sell your personal accounts to strangers, finding exploits and bringing down websites, or even just to freak you[…]