Recently I have noticed an increase in this virus on Facebook, seems everyone is falling for it so I thought I would write up a blog post explaining the danger and what to look out for.

Thousand of people are being effected by this virus every minute, the Internet is not a safe place to be without the proper knowledge on how to protect yourself. I have a recent blog post I have written up for people who want to have a quick read on How to protect yourself on the Computer and Internet.

What is the Dominos Virus?

The Dominos Virus is actually a Phisher or sort, when visiting the malicious URL you are presented with a Fake Dominos Pizza web page and a login to Authenticate your Facebook profile in return to see the content on the web-page.


What does it do?

This is in fact a scam, when you login with your Facebook you’re basically giving the hacker access to your Personal Facebook Account. Your account will then start to randomly post on your friends walls and pictures with the following message spreading the virus yet to another person.

Virus Link

I believe the phisher could retrieve the email and password of your account, and could install malicious apps too.

I’ve got the virus! How do I get rid of it?

The very first thing you need to do is change your Facebook password, To see a very good video on how to create strong passwords visit this blog post here.

To change your Facebook password go to Account > Account Settings > Password > Change.

The next thing you need to lookout for is any malicious apps you have on your Facebook account, if you see anything suspicious in your apps list, Remove it immediately.

How can I prevent such things in the future?

Firstly you should know not to click on any random links you do not know, secondly if you do end up at an unknown website always check the URL address in your browser. Such as this dominos virus you will notice the address is so:

It’s not the original Dominos Pizza website in your local area is it? Exactly, so get out as soon as you can.

I hope this helps more people, please do share it this blog post across your social networks to keep your friends and family safe.