You’ve probably noticed a lot of fake and malicious posts on Facebook telling you “Click here to find out who has un-friended you on Facebook”, well truth is most of these are indeed fake and malicious websites trying to steal your information.

There has been an immense demand for such a feature on Facebook however I do not see Facebook providing this feature anytime soon, luckily we have a world full of creative coders and programmers who have created this amazing script.

This is in fact a real way of telling who has un-friended you or even deactivated their Facebook profile. (I’ve even tested it myself!) Uhm.. not that people are unfriending me a lot of the time… This script utilizes the Facebook notifications feature to let you know exactly what’s going on.

But let’s get to it! This is a GreaseMonkey script which can be used in Firefox and Chrome browsers as a GreaseMonkey extension. Below are a few screenshots of the script in action.

Great! But enough talk, How do I install this?

1. Firstly you will need to install the GreaseMonkey extention for Firefox. (Chrome users just need to download the actual script as Chrome already has built in script support)

Download Firefox Version

Chrome user? Move to the next step.

2. Once you’ve installed the extention you’re ready to grab the script!

Download Unfriend Finder Script

3. Now head to Facebook and you’ll notice the new features. Unfriends link on the top right of Facebook and a icon on the bottom right.

Please note: This script does not tell you who has removed you prior to installing this script but it will notify you of any changes from here on.

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