Have you ever wanted to just sit back and choose what you wanted to watch easily? Well now you can! Everyone should know about NetFlix and Hulu, however we all know it’s a US service only (meaning it’s restricted to service only in the United States) This is however very frustrating because lets face it. New Zealand  does not keep up with consumer demand. Sure we have iSKY and TVNZ but what if you wanted to watch an entire season of something? iSKY sadly does not support this yet and neither does TVNZ onDemand.

So what do we do now?

Now I will explain to you through this tutorial on how to setup NetFlix or Hulu and watch it here in New Zealand bypassing the US only restriction.

Of course if you want proper service with proper streaming you are going to have to pay for these services, they are not free. Quality comes at a price.

Great! What will I need?

  • A computer (or any other device that supports NetFlix/Hulu ie. iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Boxxee etc…)
  • About $22NZD a month.
  • A proper broadband connection capable of streaming content.
  • About 20 minutes to set up.

OK got it, where to now?

First things first, let me explain to you how this works exactly. What we are going to be doing is setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account which will change your IP address to fool Netflix into thinking you’re actually in the United States.

Now there are many many VPN services out there, the choice is really yours. I will just be recommending the one I am using because it’s simple and easy to set up plus I’m getting pretty good speeds off it.

I am currently using OverPlay as my VPN, the process is dead simple to set up on a computer. It costs $9.95 USD a month, all you need to do is sign up for an account then go download their setup page, choose your device and download their software.

Once you have downloaded it, you’re going to have to install it. Then you should end up with the little program. So you choose one of the US servers and click connect. That’s it! Your IP address should now be American.

Here’s a video explaining in further detail:

 Great! Can I watch NetFlix or Hulu yet?

Hold on there Skippy. You first need to signup for the NetFlix or Hulu account, you will not be able to do this unless you are connected to your VPN to a server in the United States. So make sure you connect first before attempting to register and pay.

Remember, when ever you want to watch NetFlix or Hulu you will have to be connected to the VPN or else the website will just kick you out.

Notice: Since we are in New Zealand and we have capped lines, you can easily set your data per hour in the NetFlix settings area. For example you can choose Good Quality at 400MB/Hour up to HD Quality at 2.4GB an hour. I’m currently streaming at Good Quality and what can I say, it starts out pretty hectic but as the NetFlix player optimizes your connection it gets way better.

Sweet! Can I set this up on my iPad?

Update: Thanks to James (in the comments), you do not need a JailBroken iPad in order to download NetFlix. You need to set up a USA Apple Account so you can download the NetFlix app from the US app store. Quoted from James: ” I set up a free account by “buying” a free app to get around needing a USA credit card” This was done on a iPhone so theoretically it should be the same on the iPad.

Sure you can! However your iPad will need to be JailBroken because the NetFlix App is not available on the New Zealand App store (For Obvious Reasons)

So what you can do is go to Cydia, download “Installous” then search for NetFlix through Installous, once downloaded you will be able to install the NetFlix application. One more thing, you will not be able to sign into your NetFlix account because they will pick up that your not from the United States again.

So how do we go about this then? Well… You need to use your VPN service on your iPad.

  1. Access your home screen and tap Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Network
  4. Tap VPN
  5. Tap “Add VPN Configuration…”
  6. Select PPTP or L2TP from the tabs at the top.
  7. Enter ‘vpn-us-east.overplay.net‘ for the server, or whichever server address you wish to connect to.
  8. Account and password are your OverPlay login details.
  9. RSA SecureID should be OFF, Encryption Level should be AUTO, Send All Traffic turned ON, and Proxy set to OFF.
  10. If you chose L2TP, set the shared secret to ‘overplay.net’
  11. Tap Save in the top right corner.
  12. You are back on the prior page and should see a new ‘OverPlay’ option beneath the ‘Choose a configuration’ heading. Tap this and a tick should appear beside it.

You can now tap the ‘ON/OFF’ button beside the VPN label, to turn VPN on. You will connect and show status ‘Connected’.

If you would prefer a “Picture Tutorial” on how to set up NetFlix on the iPad you can find one here.

For a list of devices you can use the VPN on and how to set them up, you can find that here.


Get the OverPlay VPN now