Hello everyone, today I’m going to be talking about a spam free email inbox.

We have all had those email address’s that work so nicely in the beggining and as we grow on the internet, registering here and there our email address gets spread out to tons of websites, not to mention you still have to worry about “Hackers” taking down websites and stealing their email address database containing the emails of thousands of people.

Some websites have even been reported for “Selling” their lists to spammers to make a quick buck.

But not to worry! I’m going to show you how to combat all this in this tutorial. Many fellow geeks might already know this but I’ll share it anyway for those of you who don’t.

In this tutorial I’m going to be using Gmail, since I find that to be the most reliable, fast, free and safe email to use now days. We will be creating 3 email accounts and I will tell you why during the tutorial.

First Step:

Now you can either use your existing email, (If it’s not already been spammed) or you can create a new email address here – Gmail Signup

(eg. eGuru@gmail.com) Use this account strictly for family and friends, maybe Facebook or Twitter alerts.

You might want to write down and take note of your email address and password, Don’t get them mixed up! 😉

Second Step:

Create your second account, you will use this email account for any forums you keep track with, or websites you just like to hear from now and then, like 1DayDeals for example.

(eg. eGuruMail@gmail.com)

Third Step:

Now you’re creating your final email address, your email address that doesn’t really matter to you but you still need it to verify registrations to websites, or signups on certain apps on mobile, computer or not so trustworthy websites etc…

(eg. eGuruSpam@gmail.com)

Final Step:

Here is where it all comes together, but what do we have now?

  • Main Account (eGuru@gmail.com)
  • Second Account (eGuruMail@gmail.com)
  • Third Account (eGuruSpam@gmail.com)

In your Gmail settings for your second and third accounts, you can set your accounts to forward all mail to your Main Account (This way you don’t have to check all 3 accounts  for email all the time)

After following prompts, a confirmation code will be sent to the main account, use this to verify that it is your account. Copy paste the code into your second and third accounts to activate the forwarding.


If you ever become a victim of your email being spammed, sold or stolen. You simply stop the forwarding on that account and your Main Account will stay spam free!

Please feel free to leave me a comment,  information if you have a better way of doing it or even any questions you have 🙂 Thank You