Hope Water is a small but essential New Zealand charity. Dedicated to fundraising to bridge the gaps for groups of people who are currently falling through the government’s grid of financial support. Hope Water needed a platform to sell their water bottles and accept donations.

I immediately began setting up their own Shopify site where they can sell their products, handle shipping, and manage their clients with ease.

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“Cyris and I met when we worked together 13 years ago. During that time I experienced his passion for IT and anything computers and programming. Cyris never accepts the status quo and doesn’t like being outsmarted by A.I. (😊). This makes him totally solutions focused and determined to do whatever it takes to solve the issue. Recently Cyris built us a Shopify site. He is very professional, very courteous and nothing is ever too much of an effort for him. He is also very patient when sharing something we had no idea about 😊. It is always a pleasure to work with Cyris; his knowledge and abilities are commendable and I will recommend him highly for any job he is being considered for. Why? Because I know Cyris will always be on the cutting edge of technology (it’s his passion!) and therefore the smart choice for any job he makes himself available for.”

- Wanda Wright, HOPE Water New Zealand