Nikitahhx is an Instagram personality from New Zealand who focuses on makeup and beauty blogging. Nikita needed a platform to sell and promote her new eBook, ‘How to become a successful influencer.’ We chose Shopify as our primary platform to handle payments and used their purchase confirmation email to deliver the digital product.

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Email Marketing

I built the Nikitahhx website intending to accept mailing list signups for when users wanted to be notified of the eBook launch. Through this method, we gained some valuable insight into the users interested in her book, such as geolocation. With this information, we were able to promote her eBook through other social media channels better.

I was able to design and code a launch email for the eBook. We used Campaign Monitor to deploy the email and handle further signups and unsubscribes. Campaign Monitor allowed us to gain new insight into our client base, which will help us perform better targetting on future campaigns.


“Cyris is innovative, talented, and incredibly clever at finding great solutions. He is a pleasure to work with and holds a very high standard in his work. Highly recommend for all jobs, big or small. He is very punctual and endeavors to exceed your expectations.”

- Nikitahhx