Pictures Courtesy of TechCrunch


Like what you see? Well you too can have the hidden Official Facebook app for iPad, Yes it was secretly built into the iPhone version but a few weeks ago discovered to be easily unlockable. Facebook noticed people starting to unlock the Facebook app before it’s official release date so they decided to block login access but this will not stop us.

Here I will show you how to unlock the app, and fix the login issue.

Step 1:

  1. Download the latest Facebook iPhone app into your iPad.
  2. Make sure that you have iFile installed in your device, if not download it from Cydia and install.
  3. Launch iFile to use to navigate to Applications > Facebook.
  4. Open the folder.
  5. Look and select the info.plist file.
  6. Head over to Display Properties > UIDeviceFamily.
  7. Modify the UIDeviceFamily value “1” in the upper right corner to “2”.
  8. Respring your iPad.

Step 2:

  1. You must have a jailbroken iPad to use FaceForward.
  2. Launch Cydia and search for FaceForward
  3. Install FaceForward. You will be prompted to reboot your iPad.
  4. When you launch the formerly iPhone-only app, it will now be iPad native!

And that’s it! Enjoy Facebook for iPad.


I suspect this app to still be in BETA mode, otherwise Facebook would’ve already released it so be careful while using it. I take no responsibility.